Maternity Session - Crystal & Brittany Sharday Photography

We have a superb Maternity Session to share from Brittany Sharday  today with beautiful Mother-to-be Crystal. With two different looks and a paired back, simple woodland setting, Crystal is the absolute focus and is striking! The images are hauntingly beautiful and deserved a double feature showcasing each look. For part one we have Crystal's monochrome stripey dress...

We hand over to Brittany to tell us more about her session with Crystal...

"Crystal and I met in high school and recently reconnected via Facebook. I asked Crystal three questions; 1. about her vision for the session, 2. how she decided on the name 'Mason' for her baby boy, and 3. what she is looking forward to most about being a first time mommy. Here were her answers:
1) "My vision for the session was something very natural and relaxed, but with an element that also captured the beauty of being pregnant."
2) "It took us (my boyfriend and I) a long time to decide on a name! WE started to compile a list when I was just 5 weeks pregnant! Everything I loved, he hated, and visa-versa. We had a baby name book that contained over 20,000 names, and Mason was the only one we both agreed on!"
3) "I am really looking forward to finally being able to hold my baby for the first time and to see what he looks like! And of course, all the messy stuff in between like spit ups and diaper changes. For some reason, that stuff excites me ;) I am also really looking forward to seeing Ian (my boyfriend) become a first time father to our son."

{ Credits }
Photographer . Brittany Sharday . Lifestyle Portrait Artist
MUA . Jaél Johnson
Clothing . Express, H&M & Forever 21

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