Photography Session - Rebecca & Joseph by Shuman Fine Art Photography - Part Two

Welcome to the highly anticipated second part of Rebecca & Joseph's mother and son session by Shuman Fine Art Photography. If you haven't seen Part One of this amazing session - you must! With part two we move from the beach to the grassy shore with some beautiful sweet moments.  

Jillane tells us a little more about their session together...

"I love these images because it's not too often we photograph many 9 year olds, especially with their mom. It brought it's challenges of goofy faces and awkwardness at times, but you'd never know. Joseph warmed up and exposed his real precious self interacting with his mom so perfectly. I don't know how much longer he'll lay in the grass and clasp hands with his mom but for now he does and that is a beautiful beautiful thing that we won't ever forget."

With Thanks to Jill, Jillane, Rebecca and Joseph for sharing their precious session with us!
See more of Jill & Jillane's beautiful portfolio over at www.shumanfineartphotography.com

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