Photography Session - Rebecca & Joseph by Shuman Fine Art Photography - Part One

This has to be the most beautiful Mother and Son session! Rebecca and her son Joseph were captured by Jill and Jillane of Shuman Fine Art Photography, and my goodness they created something wonderful! There are plenty of images and the whole session is so beautiful that it deserved a double feature! So here's part one...

Jillane tells us about their session together...

"Meet Rebecca and her son Joseph. The first time we were supposed to shoot this session was a gloomy rainy day so we rescheduled for the next week. I'm so glad we did because it couldn't have been more stunning or perfect that day. Who gets amazing clouds, amazing sun, and a shrimp boat all in one day?!?! It was dreamy....just dreamy."

With Thanks to Jill, Jillane, Rebecca and Joseph for sharing their precious session with us!
See more of Jill & Jillane's beautiful portfolio over at www.shumanfineartphotography.com

See Part Two

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